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Beautiful and affordable apartments and row houses across South India with amenities and services to support your independent lifestyle and peace of mind. Serene’s legacy of caring for active adults in India for nine years is now powered by the international standards of Columbia Pacific Group. Each Serene community is unique in its design and lifestyle, mirroring the best of its hometown. These economical communities offer you an active yet peaceful lifestyle.
In its truest sense, community means connection. Our senior living communities are designed to build connections at a phase in life when it isn’t always easy. They are a unique combination of hospitality, real estate, and wellness – for the first time in India.
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positive ageing

  • Whether it’s constancy and permanence you seek or the thrill of living it up every day, your forever home has the best of everything that you envision for yourself. Feel at home in an environment that is designed to adapt itself to your changing needs.

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    That skill you brushed aside as a hobby at the beginning of your career, your next big entrepreneurial adventure, those books you never finished… It’s time to get back to what gives life meaning.
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    You worked hard all these years to build a life for yourself and the ones you love. Here, you leave the mundane to us and be pampered again.
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    From the colour of the wall to the centrepiece at the dining table, everything here is the architectural and atmospheric epitome of tranquillity. Of course there’s also the state-of-the-art wellness and healthcare facilities at your disposal. The peace is in the details and beyond!
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    From birth, what we crave for the most as humans, is connection. The opportunity to bond over a cup of coffee, to play the chef or a host at your own dinner that may or may not end in a pillow fight with the grandkids. Here, you get to build and nurture those connections.



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